Corporate Recreational Program

Change the feelings of your coworker or employees

Corporate Outing

Kind of activities that revealing refreshment, joyful, adventurous atmosphere that builds togetherness, creates new spirit with hopes that give positive impact for corporate productivity.

Corporate Gathering

Sequences activity that involves all part of the company, either employee and their family to celebrate something or as a moment of appreciation.

Corporate Adventure Trip

A light adventure activity that can reduce saturated and bored situation from daily activity by spoiling yourself, enjoying all the beauty of nature and culture in all over Indonesia.

Corporate Educational Program

Change the thinking of your coworker or employees

Corporate Team Building

Stimulates individual and team to have an effective and an efficient working ethos in interdependency atmosphere in their working field, similar to the corporate cultures.

Corporate Developmental Program

Change the behavior of your coworker or employees

Leadership Management Training

Intense training out of comfort zone and using all supporting aspects to make participants new paradigm and do action changing their unproductive behavior.

Character Building Course

Stimulates individual or teammates to have an attitude and behavior which is suitable with task and its obligation, corporate cultures, or the purpose that corporate needs, and business world challenges.

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